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Check to see if the 1" o-rings in the swivel connections are cut or torn. Make sure no pipe dope/tape is used on swivels. These should only be hand tight.

Yes, up to 30 feet above the Flow Center.

No, The Flush Cart is only needed if your Header/Manifold is outside.  You do not need a flush cart for an Indoor header. The canister of the Flow Center purges air from the system continuously.

Yes. It should only be hand tightened.

Yes. It should be filled to the bottom of the elbow on GT®'s and the top of the elbow on QT®'s.

Yes. The Flow Center is designed with the foot of head needed to work with any heat pump.

No. As long as you are using the GT® or QT® (any non-pressurized Flow Center).  Simply open the Lid on the top of the flowcenter to make any necessary adjustments.  Make sure when you replace the Lid that it is hand tight only.

Pumps should be throttled at heat pump, but if no valves are available, throttle with the top ball valve of the Flow Center. Never the bottom.

We highly recommend a Flowmeter tool but, you may use a pressure drop across the heat pump.

No. It has been tested by the manufacturer of the pumps that it will not cause cavitation.

The water shouldn’t rise more than 3/4”. If it rises more that that it has air in the system and must be reflushed.

No, If you have more than one Flow Center on a Common loop field the Pumps will fight eachother and then the lid of the Flow centers could blow off.  Please call for Information on Equipment that will combine more than one Heat Pump on a Common Loop field,

No, because there is too much pressure and it will blow out bottom or top of Flow Center.

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